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All grounding connections of copper to copper and copper to steel conductors of 10 mm and larter siqed conductors shall be TECHWELD exothermicwelding conductors spliced with a Techweld exothermic welding connections shall be considered as a continous conductor, as state in the note accompanying NEC 250-81, 250-91, 250-115, 250-113 and IEEE std 80-1986.

The TECHWELD exothermic welding process is a simple, self contained method of forming high quality electrical connections. The compact process requires no external power or heat source, making it completely portable. Connections are made in side a semi permanent graphite mould using the high temperature reaction of powerdered copper oxide and aluminum.

The majority of TECHWELD connections have as least twice the cross sectional area of the conductors being joined, and an equivalent or greater current carring capacity. Because the connection is a fusion of high conductivity, high copper content alloy, it will withstand repeated fault current, and will not lessen in the way that mechanical connectors can Corrosion resistance too, is exceptional, due to the alloys very high copper content (in excess of 90%)

When making a copper wire connection of Ground Rod or other metal connection, place the TECHWELD powder into graphite mould. Just ignite to start the welding process. The result will be clean and smooth connecton surface, which has been field proven. It is also application for other metal such as : Iron, Steel, Railway track, Wrought and cast iron, Bronze, Nichrome and Brass

TECHWELD can be used in various application to have the certainly good connections in work. Many projects trust in TECHWELD Such as:

  • Lighting and Surge Projection
  • Grounding in Electrical Work
  • Railway Construction
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Another High Capacity of Current Supply

TECHWELD offers different types of mould. There are "One Time Mould" and "Graphite Mould" with different shapes of mould to suit of mould to suit of different welding works. One time mould is made of ceramic suitable for "One off" welding work. Graphite mould is made of high quality graphite suitable for high quality welding work and can be used for several times. Which has following advantagesl

  1. A smooth metal connection that will not loosen or corrode.
  2. IT is not affected by high current surge or over current.
  3. NO need for the external welding machine.
  4. USE only lightweight and cheap equipment.
  5. Virtually maintenance-free

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