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Cathodic Protection is very simply, The use of direct current electricity an external source to oppose the discharge of corrosion current from anodic areas that would be present naturally When a cathodic protection system is installed for maximum effect, all portions of the protected structure collect current from the surrounding electrolyte and the entrie exposed surface becomes a single cathodic area - hence the name.

Galvanizing has a historical background of use in reducing corrosion on pipelines Galvanizing is in effect a cathodic protection system utiling zinc as a sacrificial anode material dispersed on the surface of the pipe.

A well coated pipeline i.e., tape wrapped, no doubt will be have some coating defects or holidays. A cathodic protection system meet only protect the minute areas of steel exposed to the earth at the holidays rather than the whole surface of an uncoated structure may be thousands of time greather than the energy required to protect the same structure when well coated.

BEE NET CATHODIC PROTECTION CO.,LTD. Provides full supply of Cathodic Protection Materials as follow :

Sacrificial Anode (Gavalnic Anode)
  • Magnesium Anode / Mgnesium Ribbon
  • Zinc Anode / Zinc Ribbon
  • Aluminium Anode
  • Grounding Cell
  • Anode Backfill
  • etc.
Impressed Current Anode
  • graphite Anode
  • Mixed Metal Oxide Anode
  • High Silicon Cast Iron Anode
  • Platinum Anode
  • Substrate
    - Niobium / Columbian
    - Titanium
    - Tantalum
  • Magnetite Anode
  • Lide Metal Oxide Activated
  • Lead Silver
  • etc
DC Power supplies & Accessory
  • Rectifier Transformer
  • Substrate
    - Standard Air Cooled
    - Oil Immersed
    - Explosion Proof
    - Special Purpose
  • Customer Designs
  • Photo Voltaic Solar System
  • Wind Generator
  • etc.
Reference Electrode
  • Copper / Copper Sulfate - Podrtable ( Cu/Cu504)
  • Copper / Copper Sulfate - Permanent
  • Silver/Silver Chloride Reference Electrode Kit Land / Sea (Ag/AgC1)
  • Zinc Reference Electrode
  • etc.
Dielectric Insulating Material
  • Flange Insulating Kit
  • Insulating Fitting
  • Casing Insulator
  • Casing end Seal
  • Polarization "kirk cell"
  • Explosion Proof Spark Gap
  • etc.
Wire , Cable & Accesseries
  • "NYY" Cable
  • "XLPE/PVC" Cable
  • "HMWPE" Cable
  • "Royston" Handy cap
  • Techweld Powder
  • Splicing Kit
  • etc.
Pipe Coating & Tape
  • Coaltar Mastic
  • Pipeline Tape
  • Primer
  • etc.
Test Instrument
  • Rsefemce Eletrdse
  • Insulation cheacker
  • Digital multimeter
  • Corrossion Volt-Ampmeter
  • Pipe/Short Locator
  • Earth Tester
  • etc.
Test Post & Test Box
  • Cast Aluminium Alloy
  • "Big Fink" Test Station
  • "Flush fink" Test Station
  • Galvanized Test Station
Junction Box & Bond Box
  • Cast Aluminium Alloy


Survey & Designing
Engineering Designing
Construction Supervision

External Protection


Power Station
Gas Plant, Water
Off shore
Hull Museum
Tank Farm

Internal Protection


Crude Oil Tank Floors
Water Tank-Reactor

  1. Digital Earth Test Megger DET 3, 5
  2. Digital Multimeter Fluke 10. 70, 75, 77. 112, 8060A
  3. Soil Resistivity Earth Tester Nelsson Model 400, Det 312
  4. Sincorder Data Logger
  5. Copper/Copper Sulphate Reference Electrode (Cu/CuSO4)
  6. Silver/Silver Cholride Refernce Electrode Kit: Land/Sea
  7. Gas Electronic Insulation Checker Model 601
  8. Gas Electronic Underground Insulation Checker Model 702
  9. Bass Engineering Cathodic Protection Data Manger (CPDM)
  10. Tinker & Rasor : Pipe Locator
  11. Clamp Ampmeter Model 2004
  12. Current Interrupter
  13. DC- Voltage Gradient (DCVG)

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